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"Reenter the Dragon" (神龍再び!!, Shenron Futatabi!!; Literally meaning "Once Again, Shenlong!!") is chapter 111 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Goku flies back towards Baba's palace on Kinto-Un with the One-Star Ball in hand. He arrives at Baba's and hops off, landing down in the ring. He shows everyone the seventh Dragon Ball, and Kuririn is curious about his different clothes. Goku tells Upa they should leave right away, and he calls Kinto-Un back. Goku tells everyone goodbye, and Upa thanks them all. They take off and Kame-Sen'nin remarks how impatient Goku can be. Kuririn complains that he wanted to see Shenlong, and then Baba says, "He's really such an amazing kid. Before long, he'll rescue the whole world." Everyone just wonders about this.

Goku and Upa arrive back at Karin Tower, and Upa points out his father's grave. Goku lays out all seven Dragon Balls, and prepares to summon Shenlong. "Hey Shenlong!! Come on out for me!!!" The sky turns black, the Dragon Balls begin glowing, and light shoots up from them, forming Shenlong. "Now then, speak thy wish. Any wish, but only one, and I shall grant it..." Upa stands before Shenlong and asks him to please return his father to life. "It is a simple thing. I can grant that wish." Then there's rustling from the grave, and Bora sits up out of the dirt!

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