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"Fury" (怒る!!, Ikaru!!; Literally meaning "Angry!!") is chapter 156 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Tenshinhan can't believe this, and Piccolo's seriously pissed. "Prepare yourself, because this time, I'm going to attack," says Goku. Piccolo yells at Goku that that won't happen, it's going to end here. "You've taken a lot of things that were important to me... I absolutely ain't gonna forgive you..." Goku and Piccolo stare each other down, as Piano and Tenshinhan watch on. In the blink of an eye, Goku flies up and delivers a slobber-knockin' blow to Piccolo's face, sending Piccolo flying right into Piano. And, it looks like Piano's dead from that, too.

Tenshinhan thinks to himself that Goku went so fast that even he couldn't see, and wonders about this. Piccolo dusts himself off and stands back up again, very pissed now. He charges at Goku again, and swipes at him, but Goku ducks it, and then trips Piccolo. Goku comes at Piccolo as he gets back up, and Piccolo gets in a kick to Goku's stomach. But Goku kicks off the ground again once he lands, and comes back with a hard kick to Piccolo's chest.

Goku rushes at Piccolo, pounding him in the stomach, and then kicks him in the face, which knocks Piccolo back a bit. Tenshinhan is amazed, and then Piccolo smirks, and says Goku's the first one to really hurt his pride. Goku tells Piccolo to go all out, and show his real power. Piccolo is impressed with that, and tells him that he doesn't really want to use his full power, as it'll shorten his life span. But, he'll do it anyway.

Piccolo starts powering up, and Tenshinhan can't believe his incredible ki. Goku isn't surprised, and Piccolo says this is good enough. Goku says now he can also go all out, and Piccolo doesn't believe that that wasn't Goku's full power. "Want to test me?" Piccolo swipes his hand, and Goku easily takes the shockwave from it. Tenshinhan can't believe their power.

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