DB Chapter 23

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"Separate Ways" (ドラゴンチーム解散, Doragon Chīmu Kaisan; Literally meaning "The Dragon Team Parts Ways") is chapter 023 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Manga chapter 23.png

The day comes and the Dragon Ball gang starts waking up after Son Goku's destruction(while in Great Ape form). Oolong talks about how Goku did a number on them and Yamucha replies, that they were free thanks to him, just before Goku wakes up. Goku wakes up and starts wondering what happened to his clothes, without remembering a thing about himself transforming into a Giant Ape. Oolong gives Goku his shorts and Goku comments on how Oolong's legs were very small, then Goku suddenly looses his balance and Yamucha tells him that it could be because his tail was cut off. Goku starts searching for his Nyoibou, falling down along the way. The group decides it's time to split up, now that they're not looking for the Dragon Balls anymore and they all decide to go to the city, although Goku decides to visit Muten Roshi's house, in order to train more, he tells them that once the one year time period is over, they can look for the Dragon Balls again, although Yamucha and Bulma state that they don't need the Dragon Balls anymore, Bulma gives Goku the Dragon Radar, in order for him to look for the Kame House. They say goodbye and Goku rides the Kinto Un to go to the Kame House, Yamucha and the rest of the gang flies towards the city with a Plane.