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"Aerial Battle" (さぐり合い, Saguri Ai; Literally meaning "Searching Each Other Out") is chapter 310 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Freeza says Goku is the first, aside from his parents, to ever damage his pride. Freeza also thinks this is the first time since birth he's been this excited, and wonders how he should "cook" Goku when he's done. Goku is worried about the fact that Freeza wasn't even a bit affected by his attack, as Freeza starts to telekinetically move some rocks around and sends them toward Goku. Goku avoids/breaks them all, and gets pissed he's using supernatural powers. Then Freeza suddenly appears above Goku and traps him in big ball of energy, and sends Goku crashing down into an island. When the smoke clears, the island has been completely whiped out.

Kuririn's amazed at how much Freeza was holding back on them, and Piccolo says that even now he's just playing around. "He has the power to destroy this planet if he were so inclined..." However, Gohan is more worried about his father, but Piccolo tells him not to worry, because Goku's not taking this battle serious either. Kuririn doesn't think Piccolo is telling the truth, but Piccolo tells them to look behind them...

Goku lands behind them, and thinks that was kind of close. Then without saying anything else, he flies back over, surprising Freeza. "Hey, don't bust up other people's planets." Kuririn wonders how Goku did that, and Piccolo explains that he escaped the paralysis with super speed at the same instant as the explosion. Gohan can't believe it, as Piccolo gets pissed and thinks the both of them are freaks. Freeza tells Goku he's persistent, and that this has been just a warm up. Goku tells him not to worry, since it was the same for him too. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Chi-Chi wonders if Gohan is doing his homework every day and worries he's goofing off with Goku. Gyūmaō thinks they should be on their way home by now.

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