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"The Quiet, Fierce Battle" (静かなる激闘, Shizuka Naru Gekitō; Literally meaning "A Quiet, Fierce Battle") is chapter 324 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Goku notices Porunga too, and then Freeza flies off toward him, and Goku follows. Dende starts to speak his wish in Namekian, but Freeza cuts him off and yells his wish for immortality. But then Dende quickly says the remainder of his wish in Namekian. "Okay, you've got it. Except these two, I'll move everyone to Earth." Dende, some Namekians, the Eldest, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Bulma, and the Dragon Balls, all warp to Earth. Goku tells Freeza that you have to use this planet's language to make your wish. Freeza remembers killing that little brat who made the wish, so Goku explains that they used the Dragon Balls on Earth to return everyone he killed back to life. And then they used Namek's Dragon Balls to wish for everyone except the two of them to move to Earth.

Freeza says there's about two minutes left, and Goku will either be killed by him, or the planet's explosion. Whichever it is, he can't survive in space, so there's nothing but death for him. Freeza realizes he wants to finish this fight, though, and Goku lands on the ground. Freeza says it's a physical battle he wants, and touches down as well. Meanwhile on Earth, everyone is in a field wondering what just happened, and Dende heals Piccolo. The Eldest tells everyone that this is the planet Earth, and he'll tell everyone what's happened before his lifespan is up. Back on Planet Namek, Freeza elbows Goku, then Goku knees Freeza...

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