DB Chapter 39

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"Monster Smash" (第4試合, Dai-Yon Shiai; Literally meaning "The Fourth Match") is chapter 039 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

The announcer asks for both contestants to make their entrance, as it's time to begin the fourth match. Giran comes out stomping and lets out a roar, but everyone wonders where Goku is. All of the contestants look for him, but no one has seen him since the second match. Giran says he must have run away out of fear. Then Ran-Fan spots him, taking a nap by a tree, and everyone falls over. The announcer grabs him and drags him to the ring half asleep. He then explains to the audience that he was napping, and they all fall over.

The match begins, and Goku stretches while Giran calls him names. Then Giran holds out a closed fist, and tells Goku to come take a look. Goku walks over, wondering what it is, and Giran whacks him with his tail into the wall. Goku seems knocked out, but he gets right back up, and Giran and the announcer can't believe it. Goku then runs at Giran, and blocks a punch. Goku punches Giran in the gut, and jumps behind him while Giran clutches himself. Goku grabs Giran's tail, and throws him out of the ring. Giran is way out there, but he just starts flapping his wings and flies back. Giran then spits out a sticky substance at Goku, trapping him. Giran calls it his Guru-Guru Gum.

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