DB Chapter 45

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"Taking the Air" (大空中戦!, Dai-Kūchūsen!; Literally meaning "A Great Mid-Air Battle!") is chapter 045 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Namu continues praying, and his X-formed hands come down right on Goku's neck. Namu quickly asks for the count, and says he's not a killing man; this technique will just put you to sleep for ten days. The count is about to reach ten, Goku gets up and coughs from being hit in the neck, shocking everyone, especially Namu. Namu can't believe this, and thinks this time won't fail, and he jumps up into the air again.

Goku thinks he'll do it too, so he jumps up into the air. Namu thinks he'll use his Super Tenkū Pekeji-Ken this time, and dives down at Goku, but Goku soon comes flying by him. Realizing he has jumped too high, he dives down to Namu's level, and Namu swims over towards him, then swipes at Goku. But Goku dives down some more to dodge it, then Namu dives after him. They both dart down towards the ring, with Goku ahead, and then Namu crosses his arms again. Goku hits the ring first, and jumps at Namu with a kick, hitting him just as he lands. Namu flies out of the ring and Goku is announced the winner by ring out. Yamcha and Kuririn are excited for Goku, but Jackie's a little worried.

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