Doll Money

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Doll Money (ドル マネー, Doru Manē; FUNimation "Monty") is the young son of Gyosan Money and Okkane Money.

Doll Money's Japanese name is a pun on the words Doru Manē, or Dollar Money in English.

[edit] Biography

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Doll's father hosted the Tenkaichi Grand Tournament in honor of his son's birthday. The winner was to receive a large cash prize and a chance to fight against Mister Satan. Doll had a small pet Lizard and was a big fan of Satan. He also appeared to be quite a spoiled child as seen when he told his father to remember that he asked for "real aliens". When Bojack and his group attacked the tournament, Doll was frightened. He hoped that Satan would take care of the evil aliens.

Doll was not seen again after Son Gohan defeated Bojack.

[edit] Voice actors