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The Endgame (ゲームエンド, Gēmuendo) is a counter rush attack used by Artificial Human No. 17.


When his opponent attempts to attack, Artificial Human No. 17 says, "It's all just a game." as he palm strikes his opponent's stomach before roundhouse kicking them away, inflicting a great deal of damage.



Artificial Human No. 17 used this attack against his creator, Doctor Gero. While disobeying Gero's orders to destroy the Z Warriors, No. 17 and Artificial Human No. 18 discovered a new model and decided to activate him. Gero heavily protested and said that if they did not obey his orders, he would shut them down. As No. 18 prepared to activate No. 16, however, Gero turned around and angrily shouted at No. 18 to not release the Artificial Human. No. 17 then attacked Gero with the Endgame. He impaled Gero and then decapitated his head over to the Z Warriors, much to their shock. No. 17 then flew over and crushed Gero's head, thus killing him.

Video games[edit]

The Endgame appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is one of Android 17's Super Attacks.