Farmer's pickup truck

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Raditz picking up the Farmer's pickup truck that Gohan is hiding underneath.

The Farmer's pickup truck is a Chevrolet pickup truck that a Farmer, who appears during the arrival of Raditz, owns.


The Farmer's pickup truck was used by the Farmer while working in his fields when Raditz's pod came down in the distance and he drove it out to the impact crater. When Raditz killed the Farmer by flicking his own bullet back at him, the bullet passed through the Farmer's body and penetrated the truck's grill, causing the hood to pop open and apparently damage the engine.

Later, when Raditz brought a captive Son Gohan back to the crater in order to hold him hostage until Son Goku capitulated to his demands, a terrified Gohan hid underneath the Farmer's pickup truck. An annoyed Raditz punched his fist into the Farmer's pickup truck's engine (through the opened hood) and lifted it up to reveal Gohan, who, mustering some courage, told his uncle, "Big deal! My dad could lift that too, y'know!" Raditz then frightened Gohan by destroying the Farmer's pickup truck with a concentrated Ki Blast.


  • The Farmer's pickup truck is an interesting case in that it is one of the only vehicles in Dragon Ball Z which is based on a real world make and model, specifically a 1981 Chevrolet C-Series pickup.
  • The scene of Raditz destroying the Farmer's pickup truck only occurs in the anime. In the manga, the Farmer's pickup truck is not destroyed. It remains near the impact crater and is visible throughout Raditz's battle against Goku and Piccolo.
  • There is a minor blooper (in both the manga and the anime) regarding the Farmer's pickup truck's condition when Raditz departs after killing the Farmer and returns with Gohan. When he leaves, the driver's side door is open, but when he returns it is shut. Also, the Farmer has disappeared.
  • In the manga, there is no manufacturer's name on the Farmer's pickup truck.