Freeza's Spaceship

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Freeza's Spaceship

Freeza's Spaceship (フリーザ の 宇宙船, Furiiza no Uchūsen) is a large, round spaceship owned by Freeza that he uses for transportation. It is identical to both his father's spaceship and brother's spaceship.

[edit] Overview

When Freeza attacked Planet Vegeta, he arrived with his own spaceship. King Vegeta and his elites infiltrated the spaceship in an attempt to rescue the prince, but were killed. When Bardock retaliated, many of Freeza's soldiers flew off the ship to attack the planet and fight against the sole Saiyan. Freeza himself left the spaceship to launch a Supernova at the planet.

On Planet Namek, Freeza's Spaceship becomes his main base of operations. He also keeps all the Dragon Balls found safe inside of his room. The spaceship is later heavily damaged by Vegeta after he emerges from the Rejuvenation Tank, who blasted the wall, the main window, and the engine with Ki Blasts. Son Goku also later attempts to use the spaceship to escape the doomed planet, but it does not start due to the damage it sustains from Vegeta. The spaceship falls into lava and is destroyed.

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