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Jewel (ジュエール, Juēru; FUNimation "Jewel") is a tournament fighter.


Jewel was a decent fighter for a Human in his own right. At the 24th Tenkaichi Tournament, which the Z Warriors did not attend, Jewel made it all the way to the finals, but lost to Mister Satan. He made it to the quarter finals of the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. He thought he was God's gift to women. This was slapped back in his face in the Battle Royal at the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament when he hit on Artificial Human No. 18 and tried to get her to throw the match. When she rejected him, he got angry and tried to attack her as the Battle Royal began, but she kicked him effortlessly out of the ring. When he was carried toward the hospital on a stretcher, he had a mark on his face as if he has been kicked there. No. 18 had actually kicked him in the chest, not the face. Ironically, Jewel and No. 18 resemble one another.

His style of behavior was very similar to both Caroni and Kirano. All three were blond and loved by women.

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