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"Dummy... you get to live... he's going to train you."
Nicky in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

Nikki (ニッキー, Nikii; FUNimation "Nicky") is a member of Garlic Jr.'s Demon Clan.

Nikki's Japanese name is a pun on the word Nikkei, or Cinnamon in English.


Nikki is tall and has blue skin and white hair.



Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

Nikki appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. His battle phrase was "Tutti Frutti" in the FUNimation dub and Ocean Group dub and "Nodoame" in the FUNimation sub. He also appeared to have a fondness for fruit. When he and the others kidnapped Son Gohan, he was seen putting several apples into his mouth. Afterwards, Nikki was assigned to watch over Gohan. It proved to be a daunting task. When Gohan ate a piece of fruit from a tree that was in the courtyard, he became drunk and started to see unusual things much to Nikki's dismay. When Son Goku and Kami arrived, Nikki pulled a sword out of his leg to fight against Goku. Despite this, Goku used his Power Pole to knock Nikki into a nearby tower. He was then killed by a Kamehameha that also killed Ginger.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Nikki, a Meda, Butta, and Misokatsun in Fusion Reborn.

Nikki made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn along with countless other past villains who had escaped from Hell, but he had an unusual coloring.

Video games

Nikki appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiya-jin.


Nicky about to fire his Green Energy Wave.
Nicky's internal weapon, a giant sword
  • Bukujutsu
  • Katana Kōgeki – Katana Kōgeki (カタナ 攻撃, Katana Kōgeki; Literally meaning "Sword Attack")
  • Nodoame Burasuto – Nodoame Burasuto (ノドアメ ブラスト, Nodo Ame Burasuto; Literally meaning "Throat Candy Blast")
  • Photon Wave

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