Orinji Temple Upperclassman

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"Really, with the kids, the old geezer, and this milk monster competing for victory, the Tenkaichi Tournament sure has deteriorated!"
Orinji Temple Upperclassman in "Monster Beast Giran"

The Orinji Temple Upperclassmen (多林寺 の 先輩, Ōrinji no Senpai; FUNimation "Bully of the Orin Temple") once bullied and beat up on the lowerclassman Kuririn when he trained at the Orinji Temple. It was this that causes him to head to the Kame House and receive training from the legendary Muten Roshi.


At the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament, Kuririn got back at the Orinji Temple Upperclassmen by kicking one straight through a wall, demonstrating his amazing new strength. The second Orinji Temple Upperclassman was defeated by Yamucha later on. They and several other Orinji Temple students were also beaten by Giran at a bar. It is possible that they died when Metro East exploded.

They never appeared again.


Bullies of the Mutaito Training Academy
  • The two main bullies from the temple are a short, dark-skinned man and a tall, light-skinned man with a goofy look on his face. These two characters' design is rehashed many times in Dragon Ball, including for two of Silver's men, two drunkards that taunt Tao Pai Pai after his clothes are destroyed, and two students of Mutaito, who are friends with Crane Hermit, when Son Goku travels back in time for training.