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Panputto (パンプット, Panputto; FUNimation "Panput", Viz "Panpoot") is a Muay Thai fighter and famous movie star.


Dragon Ball

Panputto faced Son Goku in the first round at the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament. It began with Panputto making a flashy entry. He was a multiple-time world fighting champion and well known. When he first punched at Goku, however, he asked if the punch was too fast for him to follow. Goku said it was not much of a punch, so Panputto demonstrated his great speed and power by destroying an arena wall with an elbow strike. When he attacked Goku again, however, the boy's quick three-hit combo to the chest completely knocked him out. The Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer went ape over the "single-punch" KO and Goku won. He was later killed by Tambourine with a single kick to the face and revived by the Dragon Balls.