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"Are we gonna retreat?"
Shuu in "The Flying Fortress: Vanished!"

Shuu (シュー, Shū; FUNimation "Shu", Viz "Soba") is a member of the Pilaf Gang.


Dragon Ball

Shuu and Mai usually worked together to carry out the work of their short-tempered lord, Pilaf. Like anything involving Pilaf, he acted almost entirely as comic relief. He was originally known as Soba in the manga, but was renamed to match the anime name after Akira Toriyama forgot he had named him previously.[citation needed] He usually had Mai as a foil to his comic personality as Mai was always in a serious attitude and usually armed with conventional weaponry.

Dragon Ball GT


Shuu built a large Dragon Radar with Mai and Pilaf for Crane Hermit in Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure.

Shuu appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Video games

Shuu appeared in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Voice actors


  • The combination of the their FUNimation dub anime names, Shu and Mai, form a food pun. They make the word Shumai, a Chinese dumpling. The combination of their manga names, Soba and Mai, form a food pun. They make the word Sobamai, a grain similar to rice (most likely to coincide with their leader's name, Pilaf, whose nane stems from Rice).
  • The Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game incorrectly lists Shuu as Human.
  • Shuu is seen as the Jack in a set of cards shown in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound.
  • Shuu makes a cameo appearance in a crowd with Pilaf, Mai, Oolong, Lunch, and the two main characters from Pink in the 7th Dr. Slump film.