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"I'm not cut out for show business."
Suke in "Deadly Battle"

Suke (スケ, Suke; FUNimation "See-Through", Viz "The Invisible Man") is one of Uranai Baba's champions.


Dragon Ball[edit]

Suke bringing food to Goku.
Suke activating a trap.
Suke bleeding.

Yamucha volunteered to fight next and was surprised to learn that his opponent was an invisible man. Because he could not see him, Yamucha spent most of the fight getting slapped around. Yamucha at first listened and was able to hear him. Uranai Baba then started singing and Yamucha could not hear him any longer. Kuririn instructed Son Goku to retrieve Bulma Brief and Turtle Hermit so that he could remove Bulma's top, thus exposing her breasts. Seeing this, Turtle Hermit suffered from a nose bleed and covered Suke in blood, making him visible and thus tangible. After this was done, Yamucha easily defeated him with his Wolf Fang Fist. In the edited English dub, Kuririn took some tomato soup and poured it on Suke.

In an anime filler in "Deadly Battle", Uranai Baba brought Goku into a secret room where Suke brought him food before he activated a trap. Goku managed to counter the trap, which consisted of bricks falling from the ceiling. He threw a brick at Suke and made him suffer from a nosebleed.

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  • Many characters call Suke by different names. Uranai Baba and Upa call him Suke. Uranai Baba also calls him Transparent and Kuririn calls him Invisible Guy. These are simply yells and screams in reference to him by the spectators in his battle against Yamucha, however, as they are trying to distract Suke in order to help Yamucha gain leverage in the fight.