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"I'm tired. I give up."
Tapica in "Water Fight"

Tapica (タピカー, Tapikā; FUNimation "Tapkar") is a martial artist.

Tapica's Japanese name may be a pun on the word Tapioka, or Tapioca in English.


Tapica was formerly from the Western Galaxy. In the Next World Tournament, he made it to the quarterfinals where he fought against Torbie, who was formerly from the Southern Galaxy. Tapica demonstrated his superior speed by running around the arena. When the fight began, Tapica ran around some more and was about to attack Torbie when he became tired from running around so much, and so he gave up. West Kaio was a sore loser and complained that Tapica only lost because the ring was too big, saying it was biased against little people.


  • Sūpā Supiido Dasshu – Tapica uses the Sūpā Supiido Dasshu (超 スピード ダッシュ, Sūpā Supiido Dasshu) in the Next World Tournament to run around the arena at high speed.


  • Tapkar's headpiece is very similar to a Cell Junior's head.