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The Monster is Coming is the ninth episode of the Imperfect Cell Saga and the one hundred forty-eighth overall episode in the uncut version of '"Dragon Ball Z.


Piccolo powered up madly and began his epic battle against Artificial Human No. 17, and he seemed to be on par with the mechanical monster. Meanwhile, Bulma Brief continued to work on the remote that would shut down the Artificial Humans. Future Cell could feel Piccolo's energy and knew that he must be fighting one of the Artificial Human. Future Celle charged towards them in the hope that he could become complete.


Imperfect Cell Saga
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"Piccolo begins his epic battle against Android 17, and he seems to be on par with the mechanical monster, meanwhile Bulma continues to work on the remote that will shut down the Androids. However, Cell can feel Piccolo's energy, and knowing he must be fighting one of the Androids, he charges towards them, in the hope that he will become complete." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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