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Zoonama (ズーナマ, Zūnama; FUNimation "Zoonama") is a giant Fishman who lives in an underground cave near a volcano on Planet Gelbo.

Zoonama's Japanese name is a pun on the word Namazu, or Catfish in English.


Zoonama and Trunks, who is dressed under the guise of a woman and going by the name of "Trunksette"

Zoonama appeared in "Trunks, the Bride". He terrorized the people of a small village by telling them that if they did not do as he commanded, he would create earthquakes. When he requested a bride to marry, Trunks Brief substituted for Lene and dressed up as a woman. He then went with Zoonama, but was secretly followed by Son Goku, Son Pan, and Domas (Lene's fiance). In the end, they found out that Zoonama could predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions thanks to the movements of his mustaches, but was not able to actually create them.

Video games

Zoonama appeared in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

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  • Zoonama's story is very similar to that of Oolong in Dragon Ball since they both terrorized villages and demanded the daughters of the villagers.