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Tsuruten Tsun (摘 鶴天, Tsun Tsuruten) is a resident of [Penguin Village]].


Tsuruten originally built a spaceship that crashed into Penguin Village, but decided to stay there with his family. He was an even worse pervert than Senbei Norimaki and the two of them became friends.

Dragon Ball[edit]

In the manga, he is shown making peace signs with Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun when Tsukutsun Tsun told them to stop. In the anime, he stood near a store by himself when General Blue and Son Goku flew over Penguin Village.

Dr. Slump[edit]

Tsuruten and his wife in Dr. Slump.

The colors of Tsuruten's clothes are changed. When he hears about the Dragon Balls, he secretly hides with his wife to try to get the wish, but Dr. Mashirito snatches the Dragon Balls before anyone was able to summon the Eternal Dragon.

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