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Hedge (ヘッジ, Hejji; FUNimation "Alexi") is the daughter of Hedge's Father.


Dragon Ball

Hedge was one of the girls who Oolong had kidnapped from Aru Village. She was released after Goku defeated Oolong. She seemed to have spent the whole time in leisure as she was seen exercising and calling Oolong "Snuckums".

Video games

Hedge appeared in Dragon Ball: Origins. She appeared in Level 2-6 where she ran away from Aru Village in the hopes of living in the city for an easy life, but ended up getting lost in the forest instead. Son Goku and Bulma Brief had to find her and return her to Aru Village. After she was returned, it was said that she had learned her lesson and that it was not so bad living in the village.