Idasa's Mother

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Idasa's Mother (イダーサ の はは, Idasa no Haha) is the mother of Idasa and Ikose.


Idasa's Mother is a heavyset, arrogant woman with orangish red hair.



Idasa's Mother was shocked when Son Goten defeated Ikose effortlessly in the Junior Division of the Tenkaichi Tournament. When she saw that Idasa was about to fight against Trunks Brief, she made an arrogant remark. After she witnessed Trunks defeat Idasa, Bulma Brief made a cutting sarcastic remark. In a furious rage, the woman proceeded to attack Bulma, only to get knocked out by Son Chichi.

She was responsible for telling Babidi about Goten and Trunks as well as Trunks' location in Metro West. She was likely killed by Super Boo's Genocide Blast and possibly revived along with the population of Planet Earth.

Video games[edit]

Idasa's Mother appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.