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Annin (アンニン, An'nin; FUNimation "Annin") is the guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, the border between the Mortal Realm and the Next World.


Giant Annin

Annin appeared in "Mystery of the Dark World". Although initially referred to as a "he", it later turned out that "she" was a deity with the appearance of an attractive young female. She was one of the few non-Ogres who worked under Great King Yama. Following his engagement to Son Chichi, Son Goku confronted her in an effort to extinguish the rekindled flames on Mt. Frypan because they threatened Gyumao's Village. Annin transformed into her giant form and used her headpiece as well as wind gales caused by her cape to fend off Goku until he countered her techniques by using the Basho Fan. Her last act was to open the top hatch of the furnace so that Goku could repair the holes inside. After this, she was neither seen nor mentioned again.

Video Game Appearances

Annin appears in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyan, retelling the story arc.