Basho Fan

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The Basho Fan (芭蕉 扇, Bashō Ōgi; FUNimation "Bansho Fan") is a mystical fan designed to stoke and control the flames of the Furnace of Eight Divisions.


The Basho Fan was thought to have been created from the feathers of the Hikui Bird, although this may be untrue as Turtle Hermit admitted later that it had been a guess. The fan once belonged to Turtle Hermit until he lost it. The Basho Fan had the power to control weather and was described by Turtle Hermit as having the capability to "...raise a typhoon with a single wave, a thunderstorm with two, and a monsoon with three."[1] It was last seen in the possession of Son Goku in the last few episodes of Dragon Ball when he once again needed to extinguish the flames of Mount Frypan.

Video games

Son Chichi used the Basho Fan as her weapon in Super Dragon Ball Z.

Kid Chichi used the Basho Fan as one of her weapons in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Basho Fan is collection item No. 47 in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.


  • Goku and Chichi discover a giant rock with instructions on how to make the Basho Fan in "Dress in Flames". The instructions appear to be carved in the Namekian language, though it is a mystery what connection the Nameless Namekian has with the Basho Fan.