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After saying goodbye to Master Roshi and his other friends, Goku embarked on his Flying Nimbus for his next great adventure; life with his new fiancé, Chi-Chi.

While flying to Chi-Chi father, The Ox-King's castle, Goku asks if the castle is near to which Chi-Chi replied angrily. “Don’t ask me. You didn’t want directions remember. What is it with men? Why are you allergic to assistance?” Goku, “I’m not.” Chi-Chi, “I was being sarcastic.”

Goku then said, “Your father is going to be surprised when he finds out we’re getting married. I just hope he thinks it is a good one.” To this Chi-Chi laughs and says he doesn’t have to wait long as she points to the castle on the horizon.

Inside the Ox-King's, Goku shovels his face with an endless amount of food. People watch on gobbed smacked.

The Ox-King says, “It is good to have you home Chi-Chi as the Ox-King I am fearless, but as a father I’m entitled to worry. I expected you to return with news of the fight, not a husband.” Laughingly he hits Goku on the back. “As far as surprises go this is a good one. You have grown into a fine young man. (He says to Goku). You share your grandfather's strong spirit and fierce appetite.”

The Ox-King then states that he is going to give his baby girl the biggest wedding this world has ever seen.” The Ox-King then takes Goku and Chi-Chi to the treasure chamber where he presents Chi-Chi with her mothers wedding dress.

At the main entrance of the castle where people are preparing the decorations for the wedding, the Ox-King practicing his speech and Chi-Chi teaching Goku how to dance.

All of a sudden the ground starts to shake as well as everything else. Everything begins to break apart, and then flames leap up from the ground, all over the palace and country side. The Ox-King orders everyone to get out. Chi-Chi grabs Goku and reminds him about the dress. The Ox-King says he’ll get the dress and leaves. Chi-Chi insists that Goku goes and help, but flames block his path preventing him. They are forced to leave the castle.

Outside, Goku tries to put out the flames with his Kamehameha wave, but it doesn’t work. Goku then calls his Flying Nimbus to him and begins to fly through the flames in an attempt find the Ox-King who is seen running through the castle with the dress. Unable to reach the Ox-King, because of them flames, the Ox-King tells Goku that the only thing that can put out these flames is the Bansho Fan.

There is a flash back of Master Roshi talking about the fan which he threw out. Goku thinks for a moment then comes to the conclusion that Fortuneteller Baba could help him find it.

Fortuneteller Baba who is suffering from a cold tells them that the fan can be located somewhere near an octagon, east to where they are. Not wasting any time Goku grabs Chi-Chi and Fortuneteller Baba and sets off looking to look for the fan.


  • In the village of Oolong-esque pig people, one of them is named Jasmine. Like Oolong, this is a reference to a type of tea.
  • In this episode there are scenes that Goku has the Power Pole and then will be without it the next time he is shown. This is strange because the Power Pole should still be connecting Korin's Tower to the the Lookout
  • Near the begining of the episode, Goku is seen eating a whole banquet voraciously despite having eaten a Senzu a few hours ago as shown in the last episode. (Senzu are suposed to calm the appetite for 10 whole days.)

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