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Jasmine (ジャスミン, Jasumin; FUNimation "Jasmine") is a Pig.

Jasmine's Japanese name is a pun on the word Jasumin, or Jasmine in English.


Jasmine appeared in "Dress in Flames. He lived in Octagon Village. He was laying on a table when Son Goku came by and Goku thought he was Oolong. Jasmine's friend, Oonaan, came out to tell Goku that neither of them were Oolong. Goku then went to search for the Basho Fan and left Uranai Baba and Son Chichi behind to stay at the Basho Hot Spring. Jasmine and Oonaan guided them to the spa and hid on the side of the shack peeking through a hole in the wall waiting for Chichi to strip down and bathe. Unfortunately, a crowd of other Pigs came as well to watch and ended up breaking the shack, causing Chichi to stop undressing and panic. Chichi got mad and hit both of them, making them fly far off in the spring.