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Big Trouble, Little Trunks is the fourth episode of the World Tournament Saga and the two hundred thirteenth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut version of the Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Do Suru Satan!? Shijo Saidai no Pinchi" (どうするサタン!?史上最大のピンチ). The episode first aired on January 19, 1994. It's original American air date was October 4, 2001.


Trunks vs. Mister Satan
The two mysterious strangers

This episode begins with Trunks in the ring as the new Junior Champion, which earned him the right to fight Hercule. Hercule is scared but conceals his fear. Trunks cannot wait to fight Hercule because he wonders if Mr. Satan is truly as strong as people say he is (his family and friends apparently never told him the full story of how Hercule became famous). Meanwhile, Goku, Krillin, Android 18, Vegeta, and Piccolo went to find something to eat, since they knew outcome of the match. In the outset, Hercule tries to scare Trunks with some of his moves but to no avail. Hercule then tries to deceive Trunks by saying the match was just an exhibition match. Hercule then fakes an injury to avoid the shame of losing. He tells the tournament announcer that he still has a knee injury from fighting Cell. Then Hercule said that his knee was fine because he popped his it back into place, so the tournament continues and Hercule is unable to trick Trunks. Hercule then decides to outsmart him. He told Trunks that they have to start out with the "champion’s greeting," which is a soft hit on the opponent's face. Trunks says he understands and Hercule allows Trunks to give him a free shot. Trunks lightly punches Mr. Satan, and knocks him out of the ring and into a wall.

People thought Hercule was out cold, but suddenly Hercule start to move and got up. He said, “Wow, what a punch.” The crowd thought he allowed Trunks to win. Meanwhile, Trunks became bored while being interviewed by a camera crew, so he leaves with Goten. Trunks and Goten are looking forward to be in the adult division.

Then, Gohan and Videl enter the waiting room, where Goku and Vegeta are eating large amounts of food. Krillin says: "Good grief, you Saiyans are like bottomless pit". Videl then asks what a Saiyan is, but Gohan quickly told Krillin to keep quiet. The Z Warriors finish eating and are head back to the arena to see the next fight. As they are on their way, they encounter two strangers. The Z Warriors immediately have a strange feeling about the two. One of the strangers comes up to Goku and asks if he was Goku by any chance. Goku said, “Yes.” Then the stranger said he is looking forward to competing against Goku. After that, he said, “You can say I am one of your biggest fan.” The person asked Goku if he could shake his hand. Goku said, “Of course.” After a while of shaking their hand, the person says that Goku is as brave as people say he is. As the two strangers are leaving, Piccolo says he has a bad feeling about them and that the strangers are strong. Goku agrees with him and says that they are very strong.

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"As promised, Hercule begins a match with the junior world champion, which happens to be Trunks. Trunks thinks that Hercule is as strong as he says he is, so he is expecting a real bout. Hercule, in an attempt to trick Trunks, instructs the boy to give him the lightest punch he can. Unfortunately for Hercule, Trunks' lightest punch knocks the "champion" out of the ring, though luckily it is played off as if he let Trunks win. While waiting for the adult tournament to begin, Goku and his friends run into two weird-looking strangers, one of whom says he looks forward to fighting Goku." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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