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Dende's Demise is the eighty-fourth episode of and the Expression error: Unexpected < operator. episode of the [[]]. The episode first aired on April 3, 1991. Its American airdate is October 1, 1999. … further results

"Dende's Demise" is the ninth episode of the Frieza Saga and the eighty-fourth overall episode in the uncut version of Dragon Ball Z.


Final Form Freeza

Having transformed into his ultimate form, Freeza begins an assault against the Z Fighters. He then proves just how evil he is by killing the only one who can't be healed by Dende, Dende himself. The next one on Frieza's hit list, Son Gohan, but a surprise move from Vegeta saves Gohan from certain destruction. He then makes a bizzare and unprecedented claim, he says he will take on Frieza all by himself, because he believes for sure he is now a Super Saiyan.

Major events

  • Dende is killed by Freeza.
  • Freeza transforms into his Final Form for the first time.


  • Kuririn, Piccolo Junior, and Son Gohan vs. Freeza (Final Form)
  • Vegeta vs. Freeza (Final Form)

"Having reached his ultimate form, the evil Frieza begins a merciless assault. To start, he takes out the only one who cannot be healed by Dende, Dende himself! As Frieza's onslaught continues, it becomes clear that Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan don't stand a chance. Suprisingly, the fully healed Vegeta comes to the rescue, wanting to fight Frieza single-handedly!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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