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"The first stage of King Kai's plan is complete, and all of Frieza's victims have been wished back to life. While the people of Namek begin to rise again, the mighty Super Saiyan Goku falls as Frieza launches a devastating final assault. Sensing his father's defeat, Gohan rushes to the scene as the universe's last hope against the seemingly invincible Frieza." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

Gohan Returns is the twenty-fifth episode of the Frieza Saga and the one hundredth overall episode in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Boku wa Son Gokuu no Musuko Da!! Gohan, Futatabi Kessenjou e" (ボクは孫悟空の息子だ!! 悟飯、再び決戦場へ). The episode first aired on July 24, 1991. It's original American air date was October 25, 1999.


Frieza pummels Goku into the ground by a sneak attack. Gohan says he has to go fight Frieza since his Goku's power level has suddenly vanished and he is dead supposedly. Bulma tries to stop Gohan but he still goes to face the tyrant. Frieza turns to fly away and he sees Gohan but thinks it is Goku. Frieza is scared until he realizes it is Gohan. Then he starts to laugh. Frieza starts talking about how he can destroy Gohan easily. Gohan says he thinks Frieza is the one who’s going down. Frieza starts laughing again and comes down from 100% of his power, then he starts toying around with Gohan by shooting small finger blasts at him. Frieza gets Gohan mad by saying his dad was crying before he killed him. Gohan powers up but instead of fighting he flies off. Frieza catches up with him and tells him he has to finish what he started. Gohan flies around him and that’s when Frieza realizes Gohan never actually wanted to fight he wanted to stall Frieza so that he would be there when planet Namek explodes. Frieza starts taunting him. Gohan gets really mad and yells, ”You hurt my dad and you killed my friend!” Then he jumps out at Frieza and hits him with a right hook. Then he kicks him and punches him around a little. He then slams him into the ground and blasts him with a Masenko. Frieza comes out of the smoke and tells Gohan that he is a true Saiyan and that is why he has to kill him. Then he powers up to full again. Before Frieza can do anything Goku comes out of some water and tells Gohan to get off the planet. Gohan flies off and the episode ends.


  • The wish that brings back everyone killed by Frieza and his henchmen doesn't include any of Frieza's henchmen themselves such as Frieza's unnamed orange soldier and the unfortunate soldier who was kicked into the lake by Zarbon. That wish also gave birth to Syn Shenron on Dragon Ball GT.
  • This is the third time Gohan has done some significant damage to Frieza (the first was in "Fighting Power: One Million?", and the second was in "Another Transformation?"), and each time Frieza was in a different form, making Frieza's first form the only form not to take any damage from Gohan.
  • This is the 100th epsiode


  • Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frieza (100% final form)
  • Gohan vs. Frieza (50% final form)

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