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Pilaf discovering the Black Star Dragon Balls.

The Black Star Dragon Balls are a set of Dragon Balls.


The Black Star Dragon Balls were created by Nameless Namekian (before Kami and Piccolo Daimao had split into two beings). They were apparently the same size as the Earth Dragon Balls, approx. 7.5 cm. They would summon Black Star Shen Long, who could grant any wish including killing people (which the original Shen Long could not). Even wishes that were weak enough for the regular Shen Long to grant (such as reducing Son Goku's age) were still so powerful that only a second wish to Black Star Shen Long could permanently reverse it (Super Saiyan 4 could only temporarily reverse the effects). After a wish had been granted, these Dragon Balls did not turn into stone. If someone did collect all seven again, they could wish again right away. As the name indicated, the Black Star Dragon Balls had black stars instead of red ones.

Unfortunately, to counter such unrestricted powers, these artifacts had a lethal side effect. After the wish had been granted, the Dragon Balls spread across the universe. If all seven balls were not been re-collected and returned to the planet on which the wish was granted within one year, the planet would explode (this, however, can be permanently reversed by using a set of regular Dragon Balls). These Dragon Balls had only granted two wishes in the series before Piccolo's death (as he was the "creator" of these Dragon Balls after his re-Fusion with Kami) destroyed them forever.


It is named Kyūkyoku Doragon Bōru (究極 ドラゴン ボール, Kyūkyoku Doragon Bōru; Literally meaning "Ultimate Dragon Ball") in Miracle Battle Carddass Dragon Ball Kai.

Known wishes granted


  • When the Nameless Namekian split into Kami and Piccolo Daimao, the Black Star Dragon Balls turned into stone and became inactive due to the "creator" no longer existing. When Piccolo and Kami reunited during the Cell Saga, however, the Black Star Dragon Balls once again became active due to them being one again.
  • During Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, the Black Star Dragon Balls were never mentioned, yet Pilaf seemed to know of their existence at the start of Dragon Ball GT. The only people who should know of the existence of the Black Star Dragon Balls are Piccolo (due to him having all of Kami's knowledge), Mister Popo, and Dende. This can be explained due to at least one wish having been made or the Dragon Balls being recollected before and the wisher/seeker (perhaps the Nameless Namekian himself) recording it somewhere (like in a diary, journal, or scroll). Pilaf may have stumbled across said document and learned of the Black Star Dragon Balls that way.
  • Ironically, despite being the strongest of the Dragon Balls, they are actually recreated by Polunga when he recreates Planet Earth during the Kid Buu Saga (though the same thing happened to the normal Dragon Balls).
  • It is known that one more wish was granted since Old Kaioshin knew the side effects of these Dragon Balls as he correctly mentioned during the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga that, once a wish is made, they must be brought back to the planet where the wish took place.