DB Chapter 24

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"The High Price of Education" (亀仙人の修業料, Kame-Sen'nin no Shugyō Ryō; Literally meaning "The Price of Kame-Sen'nin's Training") is chapter 024 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Goku continues riding on Kinto-Un until he gets to his house, where he changes clothes and packs a few things. He's hungry, but he figures Kame-Sen'nin will probably have food. Finally, Goku arrives at Kame House, but Kame-Sen'nin is too busy watching his workout show to notice. Goku yells out "GRAMPS!!" right in his ear, and then tells him he's here to train. Kame-Sen'nin says he's busy right now, and Goku complains about being hungry, so Kame-Sen'nin points him to the refrigerator. Goku notes that the food's in this weird box that's cold on the inside and begins to devour it all.

Kame-Sen'nin's show ends and he goes into the kitchen to find that Goku has eaten all of his food, even the butter. He says that was a whole week's worth of food. He asks Goku why he came, and Goku says that they're done finding the Dragon Balls, so now he wants to train like he promised. Goku says he also brought his futon, but Kame-Sen'nin wants to know if he brought that pafu-pafu girl. Goku says she went home to the city and Kame-Sen'nin is disappointed to hear this.

Kame-Sen'nin pours himself a beer, and explains that his training isn't easy. Goku says he wants to get stronger than Kame-Sen'nin, and they both laugh about that. Kame-Sen'nin finally says that he won't start training Goku unless he gets him a pichi-pichi gal and explains that a pichi-pichi gal is a cute girl. As Goku hops on Kinto-Un and prepares to fly off, Kame-Sen'nin wants to be sure he knows what a pichi-pichi gal is. Goku says that it's someone with no weewee, and he says, "W-well, yeah..." Kame-Sen'nin then explains that he doesn't want a little brat or an old hag, but a cute young girl and says a mucchiri girl is best. He then asks Goku about his missing tail, but Goku doesn't really know and he takes off in search of a pichi-pichi gal.

Kame-Sen'nin starts to get dressed up for the girl (puts on a slick suit and a new turtle shell), breaks out some champagne, and puts in a cassette tape. Time passes, and Goku finally returns. Kame-Sen'nin excitedly runs outside and finds that the girl Goku has brought back is enormous, wearing a jumpsuit, and has barbell weights. As Kame-Sen'nin looks on in horror, Goku happily says that she's healthy.

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