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"Vegeta vs. Reacoom" (ベジータの速攻!!, Bejīta no Sokkō!!; Literally meaning "Vegeta's Quick Attack!!") is chapter 275 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

"Now, Vegeta-chan. It's our turn this time." Recoom tells Vegeta not let his two helper friends join in, and then does some stupid posing. "Ginyu Special-Squad Recoom!!!" Vegeta suddenly starts powering up, and Jheese says his battle power has gone just over 20,000 (later revised to 30,000). Vegeta flies over toward Recoom and punches him in the face, then flies behind Recoom and pounds him into the ground. Vegeta then stomps down on Recoom's chest, then flies off and grabs his foot, tossing Recoom into a rock formation. Vegeta then charges his hands up and fires a huge ki blast over toward Recoom, causing a huge explosion, and making Gohan and Kuririn run for cover.

Vegeta stops, and Kuririn comments on how awesome Vegeta is, until they all feel Recoom's ki again. The smoke clears, and Recoom is standing there (in a really doofy effeminate pose). Recoom says this has been a good warm-up until now, and wants to begin soon. Recoom then announces his Recoom Kick and flies toward Vegeta, kneeing him hard in the face.

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