DBZ Episode 68

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Butta and Jheese attacking Goku.
Vegeta killing Butta.

Butta and Jheese attacked Son Goku, but Goku dodged the attacks with the greatest of ease. Jheese then told Goku to attack him, and so he punched Jheese in the face. After Jeice calls Goku a "Cheapshot", Goku said that he thought they were ready for battle. Anyhow, the two members of the Ginyu Force go back to attacking and they got drilled by Goku. Burter then realizes that Goku had been hiding his battle power from the Scouter.

Meanwhile, Freeza approached Guru's house and thought what it would be like to be immortal.

Back at the battlefield, Butta and Jheese continued their pitiful attacks against Goku, who kept dodging them. Vegeta could not believe Goku’s power as he shot up in power very dramatically since Vegeta had fought him on Earth. Jeice and Burter try another attack, the Purple Spiral. Although the attack was powerful, Goku was able to shield himself from it very easily.

Meanwhile, Bulma is stuck out in the middle of Namek when a ki blast from the purple spiral hits the cave where Bulma is residing. Now Bulma is furious!

Back at the battlefield, Jeice and Burter prepare to launch another plan of attack. First, Jeice would throw his fireball and then Burter would attack Goku when he dodges the attack. However, Goku did not dodge the attack. Instead, he tossed the fireball away as if it were a beach ball and launched right at Burter. Burter avoided the blast, but then gets angry and attacks Goku. Goku then disappears to appear right behind Burter. Burter could not believe that someone was faster than him. Engulfed in rage, Burter started to attack Goku head on. Jeice also enters the fight. This only leads to Goku slipping out of the way and Burter and Jeice punched themselves instead of their opponent, Goku. Then, Goku knocks out Burter with just a few punches. With that, Jeice leaves the scene in order to get his boss, Ginyu.

Vegeta then sends Burter and Recoome to another dimension with a couple of attacks. He then told Goku that he is too soft and that he shouldn’t give anyone compassion when on the battlefield. Goku refuses to listen to Vegeta.

Vegeta also thought that Frieza had already made his wish for immortality. However, Krillin and Goku disagreed as firstly when you call upon the Dragon, large thunder, dark clouds and raging winds occur. Also, there is a password for summoning the Dragon that only the Nameks know.

Meanwhile at Frieza’s ship, Jeice tells Captain Ginyu what happened. Captain Ginyu could not believe that his Ginyu Force could have been destroyed. Captain Ginyu then tells Jeice that if he wants his job back as part of the Ginyu force, he would first have to show the militants some Ginyu style and so they did. After that, they left for the battlefield. The battle is set, Captain Ginyu versus Goku.


Major events

  • Butta is defeated by Goku.
  • Butta and Recoome are killed by Vegeta.



  • The characters' voices change, as FUNimation takes over vocal production. Even after FUNimation redubbed the earlier episodes, and parts of this episode years later, several voices are different.
  • The music changes here as well. The familiar "guitar synth" sound from when the series originally aired in America is prevalent in this episode, evident as early in the episode as the opening recap.
  • When FUNimation first dubbed this episode, it was actually the second half of the previous episode (the old FUNimation/Saban dub ended at the end of the first half of the previous episode), and the first half of this one. Many scenes were cut as an effort to catch up to pace. FUNimation was able to catch up in 4 episodes. The missing scenes and original format was restored for the Uncut VHS tapes, Uncut DVD singles, and Remastered boxsets.