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Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku is the fourth episode of the Captain Ginyu Saga and the seventy-first overall episode in the uncut version of Dragon Ball Z.


At the start of the episode, Frieza flies up and talks to Guru. Guru says Nail was trained differently than the other Namekian`s and that he is much stronger. While he is saying this he tells Nail telepathically that they must keep Frieza distracted so the humans can find the Dragon Balls.

Across the planet over to where Captain Ginyu and Goku are, Captain Ginyu tells Goku he can beat him because he isn’t trained to be a killing machine like Captain Ginyu. Back at Guru’s place, Nail says he knows a place Frieza and him can battle and he flies off with Frieza following him.

Over with Captian Ginyu, Captain Ginyu starts laughing surprising Goku and Jeice. He throws a small Ki Blast at Goku which is easily deflected. He then does his Galaxy Dynamite followed by a Finger Blast. None of these phase Goku. Captain Ginyu then takes off his scouter, giving it to Jeice saying he’ll need it later.

Frieza asks Nail where they are going and when he doesn’t answer, he teleports in front of Nail saying this was far enough. They go down and Frieza tells him his chance of winning is non-existent. Nail powers up and Frieza says that he under-estimated Nail’s power. He tells him his left arm has enough power to beat Nail and says he’ll fight him with only that arm. Nail attacks him with a chop to the neck, which has no effect. Frieza grabs his arm and rips it off. Nail jumps back and howls in pain, but is able to regenerate the limb.

We see Bulma on her Hover-Bike who complains about not being able to go any faster. She is then hit in the back by a flying dinosaur but she thinks she can hide from it in the cave ahead. The cave has another dinosaur so she stops and is carried off by the flying dinosaur up into the air and is dropped thinking she will be eaten by the dinosaur below. The dinosaurs are beaten up by Krillin and Gohan and Bulma yells at them saying they had been avoiding her and was angry they didn’t have the Dragon Balls yet. They take the Dragon Radar but before leaving, Gohan tells her that Goku is on the planet. Bulma thinks of the last time she saw Goku and how handsome he has become.

At where Goku is, Captain Ginyu powers up than punches a hole in himself, amazing Goku. He then uses his lethal Body Switch on Goku. Goku can’t believe he is in Captain Ginyu’s body and Jeice gives the new Captain Ginyu his scouter back then ginyu says they should head back to the ship since they have “defeated” Goku. Goku summons up all his strength then slowly follows them.

"Frieza battles Nail in an effort to discover the password for the Dragon Balls, easily overpowers the Namekian. Elsewhere, a powerful Goku faces the remaining Ginyu force. With no other choice, Ginyu uses his body switching technique. After the attack is finished, Ginyu is now has the control of Goku's body and powers." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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