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"You're too generous."
Doctor Kori in Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly

Doctor Kori (ドクター クリール, Dokutā Kuriiru; FUNimation "Dr. Collie", Viz "Dr. Collie") is a scientist.

Doctor Kori's Japanese name is a pun on the word Kuri, or Chestnut in English. Dr. Collie's English name is a pun on the word Cauliflower. It also resembles the word Collie, a dog breed. Given the fact that his employer's name, Jaguar, has a similar animal-related pun, the latter is more likely.


Kori appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly. He was a scientist who worked for Baron Jaga Butta and led the programs for the Biowarriors, including Bio Broly, to defeat Mister Satan. He got Broly's Blood sample from Maloja, a character introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Broly: Second Coming. His laboratory, located on a remote island, had tons of advanced technological devices destined to create Biowarriors for the people that would pay more.

Not much is known about this doctor other than he possessed technology that could see into the past, present, and maybe even future of any being he had a sample of DNA of. With his bio-technology, he could also recreate any being by using a DNA fragment. He was rescued by Goten and Trunks and assumed that there was no way to stop the bio-regenration fluid until he saw water touch it.

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  • If one looks at the flashback of Bio Broly's creation, his computer shows his aging process. The computer might also have personal information about Broly since the clone has some level of remembrance of his vendetta against Goku.
  • Kori bears a resemblance to the Antique Shop Owner from Dragon Ball who sold fake Dragon Balls to naive tourists.