Kurikinton Soramame

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Kurikinton Soramame (空豆 クリキントン, Soramame Kurikinton; FUNimation "Kurikinton Soramame"; Literally meaning "Broad Bean Chestnut Mashed Sweet Potato") is the father of Taro Soramame and Peasuke Soramame and the barber of Penguin Village. He is also good friends with Senbei Norimaki.


Dragon Ball manga

Kurikinton was shown outside of his barber shop making a peace sign. He was also shown to be very good with a gun.

Dr. Slump

Kurikinton in Dr. Slump.

In Dr. Slump, Kurikinton's hair was changed to be spikey. When the Red Ribbon Army was in town, General Blue fell into Kurikinton's shop in one of the seats and unwillingly had his hair cut into a mohawk.

Voice actors


  • Kurikinton is shown in the Dragon Ball manga, but not in the anime.


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