Peasuke Soramame

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Peasuke Soramame (空豆 ピースケ, Soramame Piisuke; Literally meaning "Broad Bean Peasuke") is Taro Soramame's little brother who always wears an animal hat. He is always critized by Taro when he wears the hat around them because it cramps his style. Peasuke also wishes to be like Taro when he gets older. He has a crush on a younger but taller girl named Hiyoko, whom he marries sometime in the future and have a child named Poosuke. Peasuke is short like Arale Norimaki and maintains being the same height even while he is old. He is initally 13 years old at the beginning of Dr. Slump but is 19 years old in his appearance in Dragon Ball.


Dragon Ball

In the manga, he is seen leaving Penguin Village High School with everybody else for their vacation. In the anime, Peasuke is shown having a drink at the coffee pot and tells Akane that he will be doing homework over the school vacation.

Dr. Slump


In remake, Peasuke's animal hat was grey instead of white.

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