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Magic Materialization (物質 出現 魔術, Busshitsu Shutsugen Majutsu; Literally meaning "Material Appearance Sorcery") is a supportive technique used by many fighters. The user creates physical matter out of thin air.

This does count as matter manipulation.


Dragon Ball[edit]

Devil Man created a trident for his fight against Son Goku

Piccolo Daimao was believed to have used it (off-screen) to create his throne (which somewhat resembled the throne used by Guru later in Dragon Ball Z).

Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Piccolo used this technique several times to create uniforms for himself and Son Gohan, as well as a few other items.

During the Buu Saga, Piccolo created an hour glass out of nothing in order to show the time Super Boo had to wait for his fight against the ultimate warrior, Gotenks.

Dabura created a spear for his fight against Majin Boo and a sword for his fight against Gohan.

Old Kaioshin created a Crystal Ball, a highly useful device to monitor something that happened with another creature.

It is possible that the Namekians used it to create everything from houses to furniture, and in the creation of Dragon Balls by members of the Dragon Clan.

Character meaning[edit]

  • 物 (bus) = object/matter
  • 質 (shitsu) = quality
  • 物質 (busshitsu) = material
  • 出 (shutsu) = out
  • 現 (gen) = current/present
  • 出現 (shutsugen) = appearance
  • 魔 (ma) = demon
  • 術 (jutsu) = arts
  • 魔術 (majutsu) = sorcery