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Shura (シュラ, Shura; FUNimation "Shula") is a Demon.


Shura has long black hair, pointy ears, and a 'W'-like symbol on his forehead.


Shura was king of the Demon Realm and one of its best fighters. It is possible that since he was very strong and a gifted martial artist that he earned the title when Dabura mysteriously disappeared decades before the events of Dragon Ball. Because of Dabura's absence and the fact that Shula was native to the Demon Realm, he had the unofficial title of Makaio when he first appeared. It is known, however, that Dabura was still the Demon King in 474 Age. Dabura inspected Planet Earth in this year, but it is unknown whether he used the gate or what he was searching for. Melee's dialogue with Shula implied that only a certain person (Not even Shula, the self-proclaimed King of the Demon World) could open the door, probably referencing Dabura. It is likely that Shula took the chance to use his sword to keep the gate open when Dabura was away.

Dragon Ball

Shula levitating.
Shula diffusing Goku's blinding Kamehameha.

After Shula opened the gate, he and many of his minions continually tormented a nearby kingdom during nightfall. In 750 Age, Shula took an interest in the kingdom's young princess, Misa, and kidnapped her so that he could marry her. It was not long afterward that Misa's father sent the young Son Goku after him to retrieve Misa.

When Goku found Shula in the Demon Realm, he found that Shula had thrown a party to celebrate his soon-to-be bride. Goku confronted Shula and challenged him to a fight, and Shula accepted. Shula proves to be a quick and powerful fighter, but Goku manages to find his weakness. The Demon Realm was a place where no bright light had ever entered, and Shula's eyes had become accustomed to it. Goku fired a Kamehameha that blinded Shula and then smashed him against a wall. When Shula got back up, he found that Goku and Misa were escaping and he sent his minions after him, but two Demons, Melee and Gola, blocked their path. Goku managed to get outside and close off the entrance to demon world forever. Melee then tells him that this is how it should be. Rather that punish her and Gola for interfering, Shula decides to carry on with his party, and invites the two demons along. Shula has never appeared since and it remains unknown if the gateway was destroyed by Majin Boo and/or restored when Earth was restored, however, it is likely that he was still alive given that he and his followers existed on another plane and would not be affected by Majin Boo's attack.

Battle power

His true battle power was not defined, however, it was shown that he was strong enough to hold his own against Goku, who had already gotten stronger in the early months of his training. Goku even admitted that he knew his Kamehameha did no harm to Shula and just hurt his eyes from the light.


Shula's special technique
  • Bukujutsu – Shula shows the ability to fly. He is one of the first characters to do so through the manipulation of Ki.
  • Palm Energy Wave – Shula fires an energy blast from his palm right in front of his opponent.
  • Swordsmanship – Shula owns a golden sword he wedges to keep the Demon Realm Gate open. Although he is never seen using it during the episode, it can be assumed that Shula is very skilled in combat with a sword. He seems to have used it sometime after proclaiming himself King of the Demon Realm.
  • Special technique – Shula launches rings of energy waves from his arm to attack his opponent.