Son Gohan's Sword

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Son Gohan's sword was used briefly in early Dragon Ball Z during his training with Piccolo.


In order to train Son Gohan to be prepared when the Saiyans arrived, Piccolo left Gohan alone in the woods for six months with nothing but the clothes on his back and a sword (created by Piccolo via Magic Materialization). Gohan used this sword to survive by using it to catch prey, cut his way out of bad situations, and train physically with it. After Piccolo began training him personally in the martial arts, Gohan discarded the sword and never used it again.

Video game appearances

Ultimate Gohan with the sword on his back in Super Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan's training sword is the Z-Fighter Exhibit #3 in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. The in-game description reads "Gohan used this sword while he was training with Piccolo after the fight with Raditz."

This sword is one of two that Ultimate Gohan can use in Super Dragon Ball Z, the other one being the Z Sword.

Son Gohan's sword is an item that raises the player's attack when equipped in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu.


  • Son Gohan's sword is similar to his father's trademark weapon, the Power Pole, in a few ways. Both had magic properties (Goku's Power Pole being a magic staff and Gohan's sword created through Magic Materialization), were wielded by their respective users before they took on training fully with their bodies, served the user primarily during their youth, and had a user who sported the same gi (except with a different kanji).
  • Future Son Gohan, an older, alternate timeline incarnate of Gohan, was viewed as the mentor of Future Trunks, who was one of the most common sword users throughout the Dragon Ball series (along with Yajirobe). However, it is unknown if (very unlikely) Future Trunks received sword training from Future Gohan considering that the latter had never been properly instructed in the art of swordsmanship. This is shown during Kid Gohan's use of the sword before the arrivial of the Saiyans and in his alternate timeline self's training with the Z Sword. Even though the present timeline's Gohan acquired some knowledge on wielding a sword, his talents seemed pale compared to Future Trunks' ability.