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Krillin watching TV at the Kame House.

Television, or TV, is a type of technology that transmits and receives images in black and white or in color. In the Dragon Ball universe, televisions are used just as they are in the real world and come in many different types and sizes. They are used for entertainment and media. Most notable in the series is ZTV, a news network. Other TV media in the series include AHO TV, Channel 10, CQTV, HTV, KTV, KBC News, NBS, NMT, NNS, OBC, RMT, and ZZTV.


Dragon Ball

The most commonly seen television in the series was the one owned by Turtle Hermit. Turtle Hermit's favorite TV show was "Wide-Thigh Aerobics"[1] which featured women doing aerobic exercises. In "Find That Stone!", one scene showed Arale Norimaki on Turtle Hermit's TV.

Dragon Ball GT

Son Pan was seen watching an episode of a television show called Happy Dog. On the show, a Dog ran across a field. Later, during the Super 17 Saga, a news program reported the arrival on Planet Earth of the villains who had escaped from Hell.


North Kaio's television

The television in the Devil's Castle was seen broadcasting a program which featured Lucifer's servant, Igor, in Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.

North Kaio owned a television that he used to watch X.S. Cash's Intergalactic Tournament in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound and Son Goku's fight against Janemba in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.