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The Red Ribbon Army

The Red Ribbon Army, released in Japan as Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu (マッスル タワー の 恐怖, Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu) is the fifth volume of Dragon Ball. It covers the end of the Tournament Saga and the beginning of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.



Chapter # Title
49 "The Big Sleep"
DB Chapter 49.jpg
50 "Jackie's Shocking Secret"
DB Chapter 50.jpg
51 "And the Crowd Goes Wild!!"
DB Chapter 51.jpg
52 "The Climax Approaches!"
DB Chapter 52.jpg
53 "The Final Blow"
DB Chapter 53.jpg
54 "On the Road Again"
DB Chapter 54.jpg
55 "The Red Ribbon"
DB Chapter 55.jpg
Character Debuts: Colonel Silver
56 "The Dragon Ball Scramble"
DB Chapter 56.jpg
Character Debuts: Commander Red, Staff Officer Black, General White and Suno
57 "The Storming of Muscle Tower"
DB Chapter 57.jpg
58 "The Flexing of Muscle Tower"
DB Chapter 58.jpg
Character Debuts: Ninja Murasaki, Major Metallitron
59 "Devil on the Third Floor"
DB Chapter 59.jpg
60 "Purple People Beater"
DB Chapter 60.jpg

Differences from the anime

  • A manga scene of Goku and the others riding in a van after the tournament is not present in the anime.
  • Silver's character development is given more attention in the anime through filler scenes.

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