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"After the Sun, Comes Extreme Cold! The Sibling Dragons of Fire and Ice"

English titleThe Three-Star Dragon
Japanese title太陽の次は極寒!炎と氷の兄弟龍
Romaji titleTaiyou no Tsugi wa Gokkan! Honoo to Koori no Kyoudai Ryuu
Literal titleAfter the Sun, Comes Extreme Cold! The Sibling Dragons of Fire and Ice
Dragon Ball GT
SagaShadow Dragon Saga
Episode number (position in saga)56 (9)
Corresponding manga
Japanese airdateAugust 20, 1997
English airdateNovember 27, 2004
Previous episodeMagic Ball of Buu

The Three-Star Dragon is the ninth episode of the Shadow Dragon Saga and the fifty-sixth overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. The original Japanese title is "Taiyo no tsugi wa kokukan! Hono to Kori no kyodai ryu" (太陽の次は極寒!炎と氷の兄弟龍). The episode first aired on August 20, 1997. It's original American air date was November 27, 2004.

[edit] Summary

With Goku winning his battle against Nuova Shenron, he spares the dragon's life in exchange for not killing Pan when he had the chance. But things get complicated when Eis Shenron shows up to reveal a shocking secret that no one saw coming. With the odds stacked against him, Goku fights for his life against the terrible twosome.

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Brief summaryGoku and Nuova, the four-star dragon, begi Goku and Nuova, the four-star dragon, begin to fight. Goku catches Nuova off guard, but grants him a freebie because Nuova spared Pan's life at Goku's request when he could have easily destroyed her. Nuova says that he doesn't harm innocent and helpless people. As they continue to fight, a beam comes out of nowhere and hits Goku's arm, freezing it. It came from Eis Shenron, the three-star dragon, and Nuova's twin brother, who was (as revealed in Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files) brought forth by the wish that erased the memories of Majin Buu from everyone on Earth excluding the Z Fighters and their friends. Eis has taken the Dragon Balls from Pan, and he gives them to Nuova. He then freezes the rest of Goku. Eis commands Nova to finish Goku off, but Nuova refuses because Goku can't defend himself. Eis beats up Nuova, and reissues his command. Nuova appears to obey, but his attack just melts the ice. Goku thanks Nuova, and promises to beat Eis in ten seconds. , and promises to beat Eis in ten seconds.