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Pan's Gambit is the first episode of the Baby Saga and the seventeenth overall episode of Dragon Ball GT.


With Goku and Trunks captured, Pan decides to infiltrate the machine base. She manages to get close without being detected, but then tons of robots show up. In order to avoid being captured, Pan must disguise herself as a robot.

Meanwhile, the robots are scanning the bodies of Goku and Trunks, who are asleep in capsule chambers. They are trying to determine their strength when General Rilldo comes in. He realizes Pan wasn't there, and orders a group of robots out to find her. At the same time, Giru decides to let General Rilldo download all the fighting information of the Z Fighters to the Mega Cannon Sigma Force.

Pan has joined a group of robots that look the same, but when they walk through a wall her cover seems to be blown. She lucks out and instead of being captured, she's accused of being defective. They throw her into a room full of defective robots. These robots actually have feelings, so they were deemed not worthy. Pan manages to blast her way out, and gets directions to where Goku and Trunks are being held.

When General Rilldo realizes Pan is in the base, he sends Nat of the Mega Cannon Sigma Force robots to deal with her. The robot seems to be winning with ease, but then Pan figures out he can only predict moves she's done before. She combines some of her moves with Goku's, and then destroys the robot.

General Rilldo is just about to send the rest of the force to deal with Pan when she breaks in. At the same time, the machine detections go crazy because Goku is waking up. Can the new Machine Empire take out these two Saiyans? Find out on the next GT.

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"The robots analyze the captured Trunks and Goku, and find that they each have extraordinary power, particularly Goku. Pan sneaks into their hideout and finds some robot parts. She disguises herself as a robot to further infiltrate the compound. Her identity is uncovered, and she is forced to fight one of the members of the Sigma Force. Real robots are revealed to have the power to walk through walls, and this Sigma Force robot uses that to his advantage. Giru has uploaded fighting data on Goku, Trunks, and Pan into the other robots, which gives them the upper hand. Angry at Giru's betrayal, Pan explodes with furious rage, and destroys her opponent. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and breaks out of his containment chamber. Pan then breaks in, and is knocked out." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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