Future Coola

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Future Coola (クウラ 未来, Kūra Mirai; Literally meaning "Coola Future") is an alternate timeline counterpart of Coola.


Future Cooler appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai: Another Road. He allied himself with Future Broly and Babidi's Force when Future Babidi tried to find the Namek Dragon Balls, but was defeated in the climactic final battle against the Z Warriors and absorbed by Future Super Boo.


Final Form Future Coola[edit]

Like his alternate counterpart, Future Coola managed to transform into a fifth form. He appeared in this form to fight against the Z Warriors.

Future Meta-Coola[edit]

Future Meta-Coola

Like his alternate counterpart, this form was what remained of Future Coola after fusing with the Big Gete Star. He was covered in cables and metal parts and was able to control Future Meta-Coola clones.


  • Because all of the Z Warriors from his timeline, except Future Trunks, are killed by the Red Ribbon Army Artificial Humans, Future Coola dies much later than his present counterpart.