Evolution Kamehameha

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The Evolution Kamehameha (エボリューション かめはめ波, Eboryūshon Kamehameha; Literally meaning "Evolution Turtle Destruction Wave") is an energy beam wave attack used by Goku.



The Evolution Kamehameha appeared in Dragonball: Evolution. It was quite similar to the Kamehameha used in the manga and the anime, albeit with a few differences depending on the user. Roshi channeled Ki from his chest to his arms before he released it through his hands. Goku channeled Ki outside of himself, forming an aura as he crossed his arms into an X shape. The Evolution Kamehameha also had more uses than the manga and anime version. It could light torches and be used as a defibrillator (the latter demonstrated when Roshi saved Goku from near-death after Mai had shot him.) Roshi also stated that it was the fifth and most advanced level of "airbending". He also said that the more concentration put into it, the stronger it would become (such as when Goku combined his base form and Oozaru form into the attack and formed the Evolution Kamehameha into a traditional wave rather than a small flow of energy).