Super Galick Gun

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Super Galick Gun
Great Ape Baby charges the Super Galick Gun.
Alternate names Sūpā Gyarikku Hō
Super Garlic Cannon
Super Garlic Gun
Debut "The Attack on Vegeta"
Inventor Vegeta
Users Baby Vegeta
King Vegeta
Class Energy Wave
Color       &       and/or       &      
Similar techniques Super Kamehameha
Galick Gun
Super Masenko

Super Galick Gun (超ギャリック砲) is a full-powered version of the Galick Gun used by Baby Vegeta in the Golden Great Ape form. To utilize it, Baby Vegeta places his hands up to his side and forms energy between his hands. Then, he fires a Galick Gun that is bigger and much more powerful than the normal version, inflicting a huge amount of damage. Vegeta also uses a weaker-less charged version of this attack in a beam struggle against Baby Gohan.

The uncharged version of the attack caused enough damage to the Earth to be visible from new Planet Plant, and the Old Kai warned that a single charged Super Galick Gun would destroy the planet outright.

Super Galick Gun also appeared in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, where it is one of Baby Vegeta's Blast 2 attacks in his Golden Great Ape form. Vegeta and King Vegeta can also use it as one of their Blast 2 attacks in their Great Ape states.

[edit] Variation

  • Continuous Super Galick Gun - In a crazed attempt to destroy the Super Saiyan 4 Goku, the Great Ape Baby launched a rapid fire of many energy bullets, each of which are inferior in firepower when compared to the Galick Gun and the Super Galick Gun. However, they can still inflict hefty damage.
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