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"You see that! That's what I like to call the Aftershock technique."
Naturon Shen Long in ("The Seven-Star Dragon")

The Aftershock is an energy wave attack by Naturon Shen Long in his Mole form. Naturon Shen Long puts his hands on the ground and causes a pink eruption to blow up from the ground.


Dragon Ball GT

Naturon Shen Long used this attack in his battle against Son Pan and Son Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form. He used the attack many times until Goku and Pan were thrown up into the air and landed on his head. He then accidentally fried himself the next time he used the attack since his targets were on his head.

Syn Shen Long used this attack after he absorbed all of the other Dragon Balls to hurl Goku and his friends into the air right before he performed the Dragonic Rage.