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Arale defeating Blue using the Headbutt.

Son Goku and Arale Norimaki sought a kind, but inept, mechanic named Senbei Norimaki for help with his broken Dragon Radar. Unfortunately for Goku, the Norimaki family had received another visitor, Blue, who had a plane to catch, but not before he settled an old score with Goku. Arale showed up and easily defeated Blue and launched him into the sky far away. Seeing that Blue still had the Dragon Radar, Turbo Norimaki took Senbei's plane apart to make Goku a new one.



  • All of the scenes involving the Penguin Village Police Force and the Nikos picking up trash are filler.
  • The scene of Akane telling Tsukutsun about Goku and Taro wiped out walking into the coffee pot is filler.

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"Unable to find his way home, Goku turns to a kind, but inept mechanic named, Sembei Norimaki, for help with his broken Dragon Radar. Little does he know that the Norimaki family has received another visitor, the devious General Blue! Blue has a plane to catch, but not before he settles an old score with Goku!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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